We’ve gone through a couple versions of what to call the Self Improvement section over the years and I don’t feel like we’ll stop any time soon either. It’ll get changed up again the next time Oprah has a new feel-good-about-yourself author on the Oprah Network. Right now the trend is to be as spiritual as possible without believing in God or something. Also, swearing. There are a lot of self improvement books with strategically placed asterisks in the titles.
Whatever sells I guess.

Thank you to all who are supporting me on my Patreon Page! You are amazing people! I’ve been making hints at things that I’m working on for Patrons, and I hope to find time between all the crazy work I have to set up some stuff for you to look at. I’ve got a Bookseller book collection I’m hoping to get published into a real, physical book, and I’ve got an e-book version set up. I’m looking into ways to share that with my patrons. The first 150 bookseller comics all collected into one convenient package and they’re all getting comments and stories AND THEY’RE ALL GETTING REDRAWN TO LOOK A WHOLE LOT BETTER THAN WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE ON THE WEBSITE.
Let me know if you’re interested, cuz the book will be available to all patrons once I find the best way to share it with you!