Every once in a while as I’m walking to and fro on the sales floor I’ll
spy a Westgate alumnus amongst the customers, they themselves being a
customer now. A certain few of those I make sure to avoid being spotted.
They’ll most likely as me for help in getting a job. I’ve helped those
who were worth hiring on again. There are many reasons why they didn’t
extend that offer of a transfer to you. Many, many reasons.

A lot of the Westgaters hang around the cafe which is annoyingly in the
center of the store. It can get pretty difficult to duck out of view. I
can’t blame them for coming in and consuming anything the cafe offers
though. Them cream puffs. Mmmmmmmmm…

Other Westgaters will wind up shopping in other Booksellers locations due
to their proximity and I’ve wondered how the workforce there handles such
special cases. I’m also grateful that the store I work at is a bit too
far for their commute.