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There was a span of about a month when things were very, very windy. With that wind certain trees can’t handle the force and tend to break. When they break it’s usually over a power line. When that happens, we close. Usually temporarily. I’m pretty sure that every power outage can’t be attributed to tree branches.

Circuits break, something blows out for a bit. Running power lines and supplying electricity to a huge city can’t be easy.

When this happens and the lights go out at The Bookstore the normal thing to do is walk through the sales floor, find customers and let them know it’s not safe to stay inside and that we’ll be open as soon as we can once the power goes back on.

Sometimes if the power is out for long enough, booksellers are sent home. Other times we shelve product to the floor with flashlights. Other times… We nap. …Well, I nap. Those are the best naps. The lights are out.