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So I’m sure there were good intentions behind the attempt at the Compass thing that would have consolidated scheduling and store tasks and projects, but the classic question pops up, “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?”

Dayforce works. All the other variations of the program that other companies use work too. It’s a perfectly workable program to allow you to tell your employees when to show up for work. Maybe there’s a subscription to it that costs money? I could see that being a factor in trying to make your own proprietary schedule app. I’m not well versed on programming stuff for computers so I can’t really tell how difficult it is to have a system connected to android OS, iOS, Windows, and who knows what else, connect to the workable portion of the in store tasking program Compass, and have everyone who does the scheduling know the ins and outs of the system to set up weekly work schedules.
It sounds like a mess, and I’m willing to bet that they washed their hands of it a little while back.

They said it’d be ready for this holiday season. Then they got us to use the Dayforce app again. Something terrible happened behind the scenes…