Having manned the customer service desk many a time, I’ve come across my fair share of difficult people. Some can be appeased by finding their book or you can appease yourself by handing them off to a manager or a coworker you don’t like. Some, however, cannot be reasoned with. I really wish we had some heavy duty security policies like this.

If customers think they can take their frustrations out on us, I think it only fair that we be allowed the same without any repercussion. This comic being the best case scenario where you can, after neutralizing the subject, take the unconscious body and dump it out by the recycling bins. …and rifle through its pockets for loose change.

Anyone out there read these P.J. Tracy novels? I picked up an ARC of “Shoot to Thrill” and was mildly entertained with the premise. It seems more of a follow up or continuation to previous novels of theirs (Tracy being a pseudonym for a mother daughter writing team) I feel like I’m missing out on something there. I’m just wondering if it’s worth going back to pick up any of the previous books in the series.



P.S. Thanks for all those emails and support for me. I’m still going to draw comics. For me to stop drawing comics is on par with me to stop breathing.