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The holidays have hit hard right now. All sorts of crap is getting shipped in by the truck and pallet load. A lot of it is way too early in the holiday schedule to be useful either. We’re setting up the kids section with Christmas stuff on the 21st of October. Halloween is dead already. Long Live Halloween.

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating. Christmas lasts a little longer than a month and yet home office and shipping schedules and the powers that be cannot create a solid plan that enables a smooth transition from pre-holidays to The Holidays. A weeks worth of product is shipped into the store in only two days, only to languish on overstock shelves because we have no room for any of it IN THE MIDDLE OF OCTOBER. The three day “heavier” shipment schedules are a joke too. When your light days are filled with hundreds of boxes, you really wonder if anyone is at the helm of the logistics division or if it’s just a sad puppy pawing at a computer mouse hoping for a biscuit.

I’m only seeing one side of it all, sure, but it’s really difficult to give them the benefit of doubt when it’s been this poorly handled for over a decade.