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I wasn’t the only person dealing with internet issues over the past couple days. We had some “customers” come into the store to use our wifi and ONLY use our wifi. It would have been nice to see them at least buy a cup of coffee or something.

I can understand people bringing in a laptop. It’s portable. It was designed to be brought into coffee shops and libraries and take up minimal amounts of space. Especially nowadays. Extended battery life and thinner, more compact design. They sure cost a pretty penny though, and they can’t truly compete with desktop rigs for gaming and film editing and all of that other intensive stuff that takes more RAM and MEGS and GIGS and PROCESSING DUAL QUAD CORE…computer stuff…

From time to time we’ve had people bring in their giant monoliths of computers to set up shop and play games over our crappy in store wifi. Maybe they had a guild appointment for a raid or something and it couldn’t be missed even with their internet being down… That’s some dedication.