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It happens around this time every year. The Bookstore, as a publicly traded company, is nearing its fiscal year end. Within these next 5 to 7 weeks we will see drastic cuts to budgets, large rollbacks on allotted payroll hours, and no change to how much crap Home Office wants us to do for setting up displays and selling memberships.

It sucks and it has always sucked.

Some managers are pulling their hair out trying to make sure we have enough coverage for all departments and wishing they could give a few more hours over to music or cafe, but we are mandated from above to keep it as tight and light as possible.

Anyone who calls out sick during these times are probably giving someone a favor to allow a part timer to pick up a few more much needed hours of pay. But what I don’t understand are some of these coworkers who complain, loudly, about having their hours cut but they’re the same coworkers who call out sick every opportunity they get, trade shifts away, show up late, refuse to be trained in other departments, and are coasting by doing the bare minimum required to keep the job in the first place.

I’m not confirming or denying a list that’s made by the scheduling managers for who may get lower priority for when payroll is tight, but, well, other part timers don’t seem to see much change to their schedules…