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John is such a fun guy to work with. For the very few out there that are lucky enough to have him as a coworker, he makes going to work great.
Wearing silly hats, singing along to songs with made up lyrics, making fun of terrible bosses, everyone could use a John as a coworker and friend in their life. Those are the coworkers that make you really consider changing careers when they leave.
We get shipped in a lot of maps, a lot of poster maps, things that are contained in tubes and are shipped in long, thin boxes. These boxes also happen to have the perfect size for wearing on your head. I may have spent some time on the company’s dime jousting with coworkers wearing these things, but I don’t think they can find ample security camera footage to prove it.
If you can’t spare a minute or two to blow off steam during the stressful times at work, why are you working there?