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We’ve seen some random holiday themed item slip through every once in a while, but to see almost 400 advent calendars and a bunch of Christmas crafts and cookies books show up IN THE MIDDLE OF AUGUST… That’s a bit much. I know that there are a couple of other retailers out there that start merchandising for the holiday season in July and to that I say, you morons aren’t helping anything. We can’t really focus on the holidays yet, we’re still dealing with summer reading lists and answering calls to see if our store has air conditioning. What made you think that shipping out advent calendars now was a good idea? Do you still have a job after doing something so stupid? Is this the path The Bookstore is going to take? Are we going to set up for Valentines Day after Halloween now? Give it a rest! No one is going to buy this crap until early November, we have time to ship it in. Where are we supposed to house these things right now? We have no display space, and no theme for these dumb items to match up with.

…and poor Michael Buble, I wonder what he thinks of being paraded out there every year to sing more of the same six Christmas songs over and over and over. The guy probably wants a break. I for sure do. I’m already sick of all the holiday Muzak I’ve heard this year.