Most mornings during this time of year are slow going for retail. Spring time isn’t usually a big rush out and buy the stuff season, and hours get shaved down to the bare minimum for everyone. Mid-shifts are practically nonexistent, and the closing crew is cut down to the essentials as well. But there’s a small rush that usually happens around the time the closers show up for their shift. People are getting off work, schools let out around that same time too, and people in general are finally awake enough in the afternoon to go out shopping. That’s around the same time for when the opening booksellers go home, and if business hasn’t picked up enough, the small amount of mid shift people are asked if they want to leave early. If they leave, I can’t blame them. Spring weather is amazing, who wouldn’t want to be outside when the sun is still shining?
But with everyone checking out that leaves the handful of closers to take the brunt of the rush. It feels like you’re getting abandoned every day, left to fend for yourself against the mad, greedy, grabbing hands of children and adults alike.
Or it stays just as slow and boring as the rest of the day. It’s really a crap shoot during springtime.