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I was lucky enough to squeeze in some time this past weekend to go see Avengers Endgame. No spoilers here, but I liked it. A lot.

I will warn you all, however, that at three hours, it’s a time commitment. You don’t feel the length of the movie though. Unless, of course, you’ve been needing to take a tinkle.

With everyone fighting for these Infinity Stones to basically command reality into doing your bidding I wondered what normal, everyday people would want to use it for.

I think Thanos wasted his opportunity, really. The dude was hellbent on killing people. You have the powers of creation and reality at your disposal and you don’t just make more food and stuff?

Similarly, I think most people would waste their chance to snap a better reality into existence. If I could make my job easier, I would.

I think being so focused on the Here and Now can cause someone like me to miss out on looking past that, especially on the weekends when every stupid customer is also focused on the here and now and not thinking about cleaning up after themselves later. They leave all that for us.