A further excerpt from the wonderful email from Allie!

“You know those regular customers that call wanting you to look up titles because for
whatever reason they don’t have internet? I have one who is blind, so she always
calls and talks my ear off. I’m too nice to get her off the phone because usually
I’m not busy with customers (I work in music). The other night she called and was
talking to me for about ten minutes, and eventually she actually started in on a
topic that interested me. I got out two sentences, and then she says, “Oh! I hear my
phone ringing! I need to get that! Bye!”…So many things wrong with that…for the
record, I did not hear any other phone ringing.”

I have plenty of those phone calls. Most of those phone calls are with, who I feel are extremely old and lonely, old people. I could not get off the phone with a particular caller for half an hour! That lady never took a breath she talked so much!! When the call finally ended my ear was so sore, I had a headache, and a painful kink in my neck.