When receiving in shipments there are some boxes that aren’t packed with quality in mind. Not a lot of air bubbles and packing peanuts are added to them so contents tend to shift and some of those contents are part of the ever growing Toys and Games department. That’s pretty alright. There have been some excellent games that are being carried in our stores now and I have made full use of my employee discount to obtain these products. The other have of the toys and games are for the younger set, the much younger set. Those who are entertained simply with bright colors and repetitive noises. When those get shifted around there’s no stopping the sounds that emanate from within the confines of it’s cardboard sarcophagus.
During a particularly heavy delivery we had one of these sound boxes buried under many, MANY other boxes, to unfortunately discover that whatever toy was held inside was on continuous play. It took three days to get through everything to finally end the incessant “Twinkle Twinkle” tune that was driving everyone in the stockroom bananas.