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We’ve been getting what seems like thousands of copies of all the classic stand by titles for Summer Reading already. A full run of shelves have been dedicated to this program. It helps pay the bills, but can the shipments come in a tad more spaced out? I don’t think that we need twenty five copies of “Sense and Sensibility” right now. Summer Reading is only now starting up.

Speaking of Summer Reading, the displays are all over calling it Summer Reading again. There was a stretch of years where The Bookstore shied away from that moniker. I still don’t understand the reasoning behind changing up the designated Summer Reading book displays into “This Season’s Hottest Books” and other such silly names. It didn’t fool any of us booksellers. If the display had a bunch of Hemingway and Steinbeck it was gosh darn Summer Reading. I think it ultimately confused all the high school kids. They didn’t see the Summer Reading books so they ordered them on Amazon.
It’s nice to see the tried and true Summer Reading displays back. It should never have left.