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I wondered where the money came from to do a company wide remodeling of The Bookstore Cafes for a while and came to an unconfirmed yet dark realization. Six months previous to the start of this remodel, 1800 employees had their positions terminated. Now, I can’t confirm any of that, and yes, the cafes needed an update, it does kind of look like Home Office tightened their belt and thought that a new cafe was what was needed to put the company back on track.

Who knows for sure? I know a lot of these things take a really long time to get going, especially for a countrywide roll out like that. This could have been in the works when I first got hired 18 years ago and only now we’re seeing the fruits of that undertaking. The 1800 job cuts correlated with new cafe set ups can’t stop coming to my mind in the dark hours of the night though…

The planning still got screwed up here though. Tables, chairs, stools, the full remodel, and more stuff still sitting in boxes at the moment, all should have happened relatively at the same time from what I was given to understand. Maybe that’s the case for some stores? For the store I’m at? Not so much. It’s been two months since the remodel and only very recently did we get new tables and chairs.

Those new chairs don’t look comfortable at all too. No padding, all wood, nothing flexible or contoured to cradle anyone’s bottom. I think the new chairs were designed to be comfortable enough for someone to finish a modest cup of coffee but not to spend all day in while mooching off the store wifi. We’re convenient to a point, then it’s time to get off your keister and BUY SOMETHING.