Yes, we got stools in. I find it a bit funny to see that it took the state law to get some sort of sitting implement into the store. I understand that whole”if you’re sitting you’re not looking helpful” kind of reasoning behind why we didn’t have stools for ten plus years, but come on! We aren’t robots. We walk around on cement all day. Yes there’s a fancy carpet on the floor but that’s only because bare cement looks ugly.

Also, I think hearing stories from people who used to work at other stores, or a particular “Golden Child” store, the one that makes all the other stores feel like the red-headed step child, breeds a bit of jealousy. All the fancy stuff they had over there. The comfy chairs. The cavernous stockroom. The in store cafe that gave a very nice employee discount…. They probably had stools all along! And now that we got them they have even fancier stuff! It’s probably not true but that doesn’t stop people from thinking the grass is greener kind of stuff.