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I’m still burning through all the emails I’ve received. It’s amazing how backed up one can get when you recently get married, move, and work through two jobs and two simultaneous holiday seasons… Anywho, this email comes from Ash:

” I was upstairs and slated to do storytime, but we were busy and there wasn’t really enough coverage for me to prepare. So, storytime kind of snuck up on me, until I had 5 minutes-till. My downfall was the Elf on the Shelf activity sheet. One box was open, but there was another cardboard box still sealed, and I couldn’t be sure of whether it was more of the same or a whole other activity. In my haste to get it open and officially start storytime, I totally sliced myself with the scissors. It was bad—I fumbled freeing the first aid kit from its tetris-like storage, slapped a band-aid on it and starting bringing materials to the space, but when I looked down the band-aid’s center had entirely turned red and was leaking. A few parents noticed and seemed quietly concerned. I knew I couldn’t do storytime like that—my catchphrase for working at The Bookstore was “I’m not getting in trouble for this,” and I didn’t want to get blood on the books–so I went back to try a new band-aid. Fellow booksellers finally took notice of the situation. My amazing CRM swooped in, sent me to the break-room with a fellow employee for band-aids of a more serious nature, and my CRM did the story as a cold-read. That was crazy.”

Blood tends to find its way into many a story it seems. When you’re dealing with a lot of factory cut paper you’re bound to lose a good measurement of that stuff.

Thanks for the email, Ash!!!