I got a message through Facebook from Stephanie that brought attention to the “Fifty shades of chicken” cookbook that was recently published. A day later I saw that book enter the inventory at my local Booksellers. I know it’s a parody and everything, but it still reminds me of what the book is satirizing.

I also feel like the book will attract the wrong clientele. The ones thinking this is a companion book for the Fifty Shades crap and use it as an aphrodisiac cookbook to commence… Fifty Shading.

And THAT thought was followed by my thoughts of how many subsections here are in cooking and if gluten free stuff got so popular it has its own section, what if all this erotic romance paraphernalia inspired other authors to write about aphrodisiacs to such a degree that that’s the next subsection?

…if it becomes a reality I will quit my job and become a prophet. I will foretell the end of the world being brought about by the six heads of She’Ogorath. The six heads consisting of Justin Bieber, One Direction, Honey Booboo, Miley Cyrus, Coca-cola, and Disney.
Beware and repent, ye sinners and all that sort of thing…