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The timing for figuring out when to waste out a low selling product for the day can be hard to figure out. I’ve seen cafe coworkers chuck whole pitchers of coffee only to have someone walk up and ask for exactly what was just thrown away.
Sometimes you’re lucky enough to have an easy to make drink that doesn’t take too much time and the customer will happily wait, and other times it’s cold brew stuff that can take over a day to complete.
…and sometimes you’re lucky enough to have a clogged drain?

Other times you just say, “forget it” and start throwing stuff out ahead of schedule. You’re tired, your break was late, you missed out on getting to that taco place before it closed, and the people wanting a sugar free mocha can be happy with a decaf and skim milk. Working with food is a huge hassle and props to any and all who put on the apron. It’s a fairly thankless job and the small tips you collect don’t fully compensate for the jerkwads who line up on the daily.
Thanks for doing your best.