I got a great email from Brian that inspired today’s comic:

“I’m sure your store is having as much yearly ‘fun’ with summer reading as mine is. (I never thought I would miss having summer reading tables… ) In addition to the usual stress,we have one school that assigned a book (Coffee with Nonna) that is out of print. Even Amazon is out of them, and there are only 8 copies in any library public/private/school or otherwise in the entire state of Pennsylvania. The third customer today to ask for it showed me an e-mail from the teacher. It went out to all 200 parents for these classes, and said something along the lines of ‘The Borders in Broomall will have them in by the end of the month, so get in now to reserve your copy.'”

Yeah, I don’t know how those summer reading book lists are made. It’s almost as if the teachers go out of their way to find the most obscure out of print book just to make students work during the summer break. There’s a reason why so many students hate reading and I think it ties back to that very annoying word “required.” Give children a boundary of what type of book to read and I’m sure the enthusiasm in the class will increase. Kids don’t like being told what to do, let them make a choice. But that makes more work for the teacher having to read a myriad of interesting book reports rather than something easy to skim over 30 odd times. What’s the better trade off? Kids allowed to make a choice in what they want to read and possibly enjoy, or a teacher who has to work more?