So this Crossfit thing pretty much replaced the p90X stuff, yeah? I still can’t wrap my head around what supple leopards have to do with exercise and bodybuilding though. “Becoming a Supple Leopard” was the first big crossfit book that I can remember. I thought it was miss-categorized at first, seeing the PDT results show up as “Sports, C” meaning it would go under all those camping sports books. Reading a few internal memos on the whole crossfit craze helped solve my confusion some. I was still confused about crossfit in general. There wasn’t anything but the Supple Leopard book for quite some time. It’s changed now, momentum being what it is, and a few books for people to read through and give up on halfway is easier than buying into the p90x thing and then giving up halfway. You saved some money there, especially if you bought the book with a membership!