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There have been quite a few food trays found from opened boxes in the Receiving Department. It brightens my day any time I see one come out of a box.

I’m assuming the trays are used in the Distribution Centers for sorting and packing stuff, maybe one or five get lost in the day to day shuffle of supplying a nationwide company.
A small portion of other times can be found in these boxes too though. Hats, knives, bras…

We also get these little notes from certain boxes that get sent in directly from publishers, notes that say things like “Packed with Care by: Brenda N.” I question how much care actually went into packing that box. I also question if those people in the Distribution Centers can know exactly when and who opens a box at a particular time. Someone spending way too many resources on tracking down someone they stalked on Facebook and was blocked on Instagram, maybe they’re still trying to reach out and say, in what they hope isn’t a creepy way, “‘sup?”