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I got a crazy email from a reader here:
“Oone night I was working the nük desk at the front of the store – this was the first spring of nük and the desk was smack up against the front door. Anyway, my store manager (our own personal Lark) went out for his lunch, which usually consisted of him sitting in his car in the parking lot reading magazines or newspapers. Shortly thereafter, he comes back in and asks me where the other Manager, J, was. I told him she was here a minute ago and she went that way – pointing, but knowing she could be anywhere at this point in this gigantic store. He said, “ok, well, let her know I may be late coming back from lunch, there is something wrong with my car and I am waiting for AAA.” I told him “ok, no problem,” and when I saw J a little while later I did. About an hour and a half later he comes back in with a puzzled look on his face. I ask him if everything is ok and what happened and if his car has been sorted out? He says all puzzled and uncertain “yeah, I just don’t understand it…It’s the darnedest thing…the AAA guy said it looked as if someone had slashed my tires.”

Now, I am at this point doing everything I can to keep a straight face on in front of him. This is a man who is openly referred to as “what a jackass” out on the floor by everyone, including his own management team – even in front of customers. So, you can imagine how well liked and respected the guy is – as in not at all on either of them. I was dying laughing inside. As soon as he walked away, I decided I had to look real hard into the bottom cabinets of the nook desk for something – I was on camera. About a minute later, J walks up to me and says, “oh I see (store Manager) is back; did he say what happened or what was wrong?” I replied with “yeah, but, here’s the deal, you cannot react.” She said, “ok,” I said, “No, you don’t understand. We are on camera. You really cannot react.” She said, “Yeah, ok, no problem.” So I told her – acting it out exactly the way (store manager) had told me, puzzled look, and lost not understanding voice and all. She fell over laughing. I kept telling her to get up, practically kicking her because we were on camera and she needed to get up and not be seen laughing at this. Finally I told her to do what I did and look for something in the nük cabinets and get it out of her system using them for cover. She took my advice. I did everything I could to hold it together, because I just wanted to laugh maniacally and hysterically all over again. After she caught her breath, and with a very red face, she stood up and asked me, “so, what do you think the suspect list looks like on this one.” My response, “every current and former employee of this bookstore for the last 10 years.” Her response, “yep, pretty much.” I replied, “Boy, am I glad I am on camera with an alibi.” She said, “so am I.””

I know now that I have not been the only person that has contemplated doing this to their most hated of managers. I’m absolutely surprised that someone actually went through with it!

Thanks for the email!!