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Many days are spent working in the stock room where you’ll never get pulled out to the floor to help out. Coverage is good, scheduling is working, and the rush hours are handled expertly by the floor staff. Life is good. You can relax, safe in the knowledge that no one will be offended by your silly graphic t-shirt with the subversive or sarcastic or insulting message on it.
We’re supposed to wear floor appropriate clothing for those just in case scenarios, but who are we kidding? Those are “Nice” clothes and they get uncomfortable, they get torn up, and they get way too warm to keep on your person when working in the receiving department. A lot of people have a shirt they can quickly toss on when getting pulled to the sales floor, a lot of people don’t bother with that though. Especially when it comes to the speed with which you are needed to help out a backed up Customer Service Desk.

I have gone out to the sales floor many times wearing something that, as a retail worker, mirrors my inner thoughts, but doesn’t reflect my behavior while at work. I always wonder if the customer notices, or if they even care. I guess I’ve been lucky enough to help people who are too focused on obtaining the book they want rather than pay any real attention to me, let alone what I’m wearing…

Speaking of shirts though…. Might I interest you in a design or two of my own making here?