Jeremy wrote to me about…last month (I’m so sorry! I’ve been dang busy!) with an email about, well, here’s what Jeremy wrote:

“Few weeks ago our bookstore chain decided that they wanted
all booksellers to participate in “table touching.” For those store without cafes,
table touching is when an employee goes table to table asking people if they
need a refill or suggesting food items. In the case of booksellers, we’re being
asked to recommend books based on what is on the table or the customer’s
computer screen. Yes, some stalking would be required.”

Jeremy had to go through some role plays and sample conversations on how to touch tables properly. Many eyes were rolling during that whole scenario. Then they started to have fun with it, fun in the wrong way for certain managers I’m sure. Some of those practice Table Touches Jeremy shared were too good not to put into the comic, they were awesome!

I’m sure that this isn’t the last time James will be touching tables. Jeremy, what have you awoken?! Also, thanks so much for writing!!!