The hammer came down really heavy this week. A lot of my fellow booksellers were let go. I had been hearing things left and right about an investor or two wanting their money back. Hours were being cut way too much even for normal hour cutting, at least compared to the last few years.
With the holiday season merely being OK and other financial consequences catching up to the company, it’s understandable that someone who fronted a lot of money would like to have it back.
Scrounging up that money from anywhere and everywhere, it was a matter of time for something like this to happen again.
Yeah. Lead positions have come and gone before. The financial crisis in 2008 cut lead positions. But it seems a little drastic to cut out a receiving manager position. The heart of the store not having a solid manager to work it sounds really risky. Maybe there’s a good plan set up that’s been working in test stores. I don’t know. I hope we can get through all of this and pull through in a way that allows us to open up more positions and opportunities for people again.
It’s been doom and gloom for a long, long while. The Bookstore has survived. It’s one of the few chain bookstores out there still. They’ve done a lot of smart things to be around today.
It sucks though. It sucks a lot. People who work in bookstores love books first, want a job second. Losing that job hurts. I’m really sorry that happened. Some of you may feel insulted to be laid off and offered a much lower paying part time position. You deserved better and it feels like a huge let down from the company you put a lot of your life into.
I hope above it all we can stay positive and look at this whole thing as a good growing opportunity.

Once a Bookseller, always a Bookseller. You are all amazing people. I wish the best for you.