I got an email from Jodie who shared with me a great story that inspired me greatly. Her story is pretty much the comic you see here. In her own words:
“I was at cashwrap the other night when a teenage boy (with a group of friends) came up to me and asked about the music playing. He said he really liked it and wanted to know who it was, mentioned he had never heard the song before. I, being about twice his age, recognized it as a cover of the old Tears for Fears song, Mad World -from the 80’s. (Not believing how old I am as I write this!) Anyway, I told him I knew the song, but not the cover, so I called over to music to check. Of course, the music seller,(twice MY age) enthusiastically replied, “it’s Susan Boyle!” So now me and this kid are just staring at each other trying to act like we didn’t just tell everyone within earshot how “cool” we think Susan Boyle is. Not such a big deal for me at 31, I was just surprised she chose to cover that song, but I could tell the kid left wondering what that meant about him, and hoping his friends didn’t notice our conversation.”
Thank you so much for the email, Jodie!