A group of readers and fans of my comic got together and crowdfunded money to buy me a giant 8 foot tall giraffe figure. When I saw this happening I was floored by the generosity. I love giraffes, it’s not hard to find that out.
Fair warning, this is going to get personal for a bit.
The timing of this whole venture was perfect.
The crowdfunding started in late October/early November and my wife Brittany and I had been hit with bombshell after bombshell of bad news, personal tragedy, and extended family/financial/legal issues. Having suffered a miscarriage, we were devastated. We were both really looking forward to being parents and starting a family. We’re still trying to come to terms with what happened.
Less than a week after the miscarriage I get woken up by my brother’s lawyer. He’s been arrested due to criminal charges alleged by his ex wife while they’re going through a custody battle. You can read between the lines there, but suffice it to say, she’s full of crap. Because my brother was arrested, I had to take care of his child which he just recently won full custody of (maybe you can see why the ex wife was making unfounded accusations now.) Brittany and are are the only family available to take care of my brother’s kid now. This is not the way we wanted to start a family.
On top of this, since my brother is in jail he can’t work, which means he can’t pay rent or anything else. Brittany and I have to move into his apartment to help pay for things there while trying to drum up funding to get my brother properly represented in criminal court because, let’s face it, public defenders are good, but they’re slow and cannot do as good of a job as a dedicated lawyer. Having all sorts of evidence backing up where my brother is concerned doesn’t seem to hold water in criminal court either, despite all the accusations of his ex wife being investigated in family court and to be found absolutely false, the criminal side of things is still holding him in custody and refuses to look at the motions or evidence put forth.
To help pay for things, and to keep my brother’s job intact once he’s released, I have taken over his job to the best that I can on my days off from The Bookstore. For the foreseeable future I won’t have a day off until my brother is out of jail…

But with this generous movement you have made, by pooling some money together to say “Thanks for making us some funny comics to read,” I’ve taken it as a sign that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. We’ll be able to get through this ordeal and look back at it as a huge opportunity to stay positive, count the blessings in our lives, and to hug a big 8 foot tall giraffe.

Thank you all so much for reading my comic, and especially to all of you who bought me a giraffe!