My brother Jason has been studying/living abroad all over South East Asia for years it seems. I’ve been able to travel with him on a couple occasions. He’s always surprised and disappointed with other people who do the same thing as he does yet they don’t pick up a lick of the indigenous language or customs of their current place of living. He’s even more disappointed or angry about other travelers that wind up in the same area of the world he resided in. When I was with him he’d point those kinds of guys out to me. We were talking about those kinds of guys just recently and came up with this comic. If Jason had the chance to do what the comic shows here for reals, he wouldn’t bat an eye. To say he hates these types of world travelers is an understatement. Also, just to brag about how awesome my brother is, he knows not only the Korean language, but Japanese, Tagalog, some Indonesian, a bit of Chinese and… English.