When the almighty, unnamed company I work for announced that they were doing some “exciting” business deal with Wal-Mart to sell their “NÜK” the first image that came to my mind was what is presented with the above comic. I am well aware of the www.peopleofwalmart.com site. My brother, who’s studying abroad in Korea will visit that place any time he feels a tad homesick. His symptoms soon dissipate.

When I think E reader, I don’t see people wearing nothing but overalls picking up a NÜK and giving it a go. Though, I don’t see anyone really getting into e readers. Cell phones are going to take it over. Most of us out there already have two of those anyway. With what features are being included in this upcoming color model NÜK they might have just added a microphone and ear-piece to the product.

Thanks again for all those emails, forum posts, and facebook messages! You guys boosted my morale a great deal!