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I like seeing what type of books people order into The Bookstore and reading off last names. Some of the names are really interesting to guess at how they’re pronounced. Polish names are a fun puzzle for me, I like seeing all the extra Zs and Ws and stuff. It’s great. A lot of Indian names are cool to read aloud. They’re almost musical.

And sometimes you see the last name Balzac and just wonder how well that name fares in today’s culture. Some combinations of books that customers special order in and their last name can lead to some great unintentional hilarity.

People find out about the comics I draw and will come up to me from time to time to share stories with me in hopes that I’ll make it into a comic. I try my best to do so, I like being told these stories. I have a list of emails I’m still trying to get through too. Inspiration can be hard to get a hold of for making these comics, but at least know that I am trying!