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Gotta milk that Lord of the Rings franchise a bit more! We got some nifty tungsten replicas of The One Ring in the store. I don’t think we’ve displayed them yet though. They’re running $100 a pop. That’s a little too crazy to just drop on a display in the middle of the sales floor.

I like the Jackson adaptations. He did a great job cutting out those first 100 pages of Frodo just lazing around Hobbiton eating food. The books are amazing, but they aren’t gripping until literally 100 pages into the first book. I’ve also met four different people that quit reading halfway through The Two Towers and that’s just sad. That’s when all the stuff is happening! How can you get through 100 pages of Frodo durdling around Bag End and not get through all the Nazgul, orcs, swamps, betrayal, intrigue, war preparations, and all the other cool, epic, mythical stuff?

Anyway, I’m pretty sure if I had a spare hundred bucks lying around my nerdiness may very well get the better of me… But since I’m trying to be responsible and pay for food and stuff, I will just have to longingly gaze upon the Ring. I wants it. My Own. My…. bills. I have BILLS….