I got a great story emailed to me from Alissa:
“I was at cashwrap when a woman in her 50’s came up with a return, visibly distraught. I asked her what the problem was for the return in which she replied by slamming the book down on the counter and yelling/wailing at me (almost in tears) “This is the most horrible book I have ever read. It is just awful. The most terrible things happen in it and it’s traumatizing. I am shocked and appalled that any bookstore would sell this story and you should be ashamed of yourselves.” Definitely curious I looked down at the book to discover it was Bambi from the juvie bargain section. She scrutinized me while I started to process the return. Finally she leaned close and whispered, “Do you know what happens in that book? His mother dies!” To which I replied that I did indeed know that. She seemed shocked and asked if I had read that book already, I told her no but that it was a classic Disney movie. She replied, “Well I guess I’m just not with it like you.” I informed her that the movie was made in the early 1940’s and her parting words were “I guess I’m really not with it then.” And she stormed off.”
How sheltered of a life do you have to live to not know about Bambi?

Alissa, thanks again for the awesome story!