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I got an email from Noemi that I definitely relate to:

“My review this year was interesting to me to say they least. As I was reviewed for my wonderful qualities in being able to efficiently receive, zone, shelve and, to my surprise, selling membership cards.
Though when they explained the things I need to work on it came as a surprise to me that out of all the things they could have pointed out they choose to say that it was ‘Difficult to coach me at times’. I found this rather funny since management has not taken the time to teach me anything new since I have been at the store. So they decided to point out that I have been challenging in regards to the loose versus strict alphabetizing. Once again something I found humorous since earlier in my review they mention that I have been able to organize and put out the product quickly and I am the most efficient in what I do. I am one of the fastest shelvers and zoners. I wonder when they write these reviews if they are just trying to nitpick at little things or just pulling out things out of their rectum.”

I’ve had my fair share of unfair reviews and coachings throughout my bookselling career. Some are misguided I think, at least looking back on them… but others are far more nefarious and extremely ill-intentioned.

Thanks for the email, Noemi!