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The last month of the fiscal year usually runs a little tight. maybe the budget wasn’t paid enough attention, maybe sales weren’t the best, maybe you lose 4 or 5 employees all in a row due to how little they’re getting scheduled and run off to find a more steady job. Maybe Home Office could be a little more communicative with why they’re slashing the payroll hours so drastically.

When a scheduling manager is asking the full time employees, those few people who have guaranteed 40 hours of work per week, to see if they can cut out half an hour per shift to make up for how little Home Office is permitting us to use to staff the store, something is up, man. Early spring schedules have been crappy for years and years, but this latest year is a cut above. Good sales figures, matching or exceeding last years metrics, we should be doing better than what we’re given for scheduled hours. The Bookstore is more than likely trying to catch up on some spending somewhere else in the company, or they’re trying to look as nice and profitable as they can for some potential buyer.

I worked at Whole Foods a few months before Amazon purchased them. Hours were fine for all involved, but as soon as a whisper of a buyout was heard, hours were cut, spending was reduced, scheduling was shortened, every possible thing to squeeze in a little more “profitability” was utilized. I guess it worked for Whole Foods…

No, I can’t cut hours. I’m working a second job and panhandling for cash through the internet. Retail kind of sucks.