V-Carts are fairly convenient contraptions that allow us to move a good 200 pounds of books around the sales floor easily. You don’t need to do too much upkeep for them either. Very few moving parts. Of the few moving parts though, the wheels can get mighty squeaky.

We have discovered ways to use the squeaky wheel to our advantage.

Stores with cafes have additional problems compared to the bookstores that don’t. Extra traffic, coffee cups lying around everywhere, the Hangry customers, and the loafers. The “customers” who bring in their own food or drink and just grab a pile of books or magazines, and just read from the opening hour right up to the final closing announcement. They mess up our sales data and take up valuable space for people who actually pay for things. A lot of policies have changed up recently on how to interact with customers too. No more “table touches.” We just leave people be. Lawsuits are frightening things. But if there’s a hands off way to disrupt a loafer’s state of mind, we’ll find it. And exploit it.