I think by now everyone in their respective stores have had the new store layout relay dealie thing done, yeah? I got a facebook message from Jasmine that got me thinking.

“A lady approached one of my co-workers about our newly re-vamped kid’s section. As booksellers we are thrilled to see all the plushes on the top shelf, out of reach of grubby little hands. Same with certain books. However this lady wasn’t at all happy. She complained basically saying how it wasn’t fair that her kids can’t reach anything anymore that they want to play with while she left them here while she went to get her hair done. (we are in a shopping complex with a few restaurants, a marble slab, a clothing store and a hair place).”

Wow is all I gotta say to that. Wow. That lady may want to read up on this article that Barb sent me in an email a little while ago.
Thanks so much for the email/messages, Jasmine and Barb!!