I got a Patreon Page thing

…What was that Rhianna song again? Work…work…work…Work….something….

So I’m going on vacation to visit some of my family, show off my awesome kid, visit my wife’s family… and work. I left a job when I relocated and they’re kind enough to take me on for a couple of weeks. A lot of bills started stacking up and with Brittany’s full time job being a mother to our child now, I got to find ways to stop this ship from sinking into a literal ocean of debt.

While I’m away from my normal jobs I will still be jobbing. But half the amount of jobbing will be done which opens up more time for my third job (Also my dream job) drawing comics and telling silly stories and stuff. The goal is to continue to update here, but there will for sure be extra stuff found only for my patrons. Thank you all again for choosing to throw a dollar or more at my face, it’s actually helped keep the lights on here.