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I love this movie. I love it so much.
When the news broke that William Goldman died it got me thinking of his work, and I’d like to say his best work, The Princess Bride. Awesome book, awesome movie. Fantastic all around. I aspire to be able to put out some kind of thing as timeless and beloved as William Goldman’s Princess Bride.

I try to put references and quotes of The Princess Bride anywhere I can. It’s so much fun to quote. A lot of childhood memories are based around me sitting down to watch the film with family and friends. I have my own child now and I am so looking forward to introducing her to this work of art.

At least a couple times a month we get shipments of maps brought into the store. A lot of large road atlas type maps, too many of the typical folded maps, and when we’ve been extra good booksellers, a tall, skinny box packed with rolled up poster maps of the world.

The maps are fun, they make silly noises when you bonk them on shelves and things, but the tall, skinny boxes are better. The openings are usually large enough to fit your head into and do stupid fun stuff with them. It’s happened a couple times where I’ve jokingly “sword fought” with a coworker while wearing a box. It’s a workout for sure. Human necks aren’t meant to swing around something that unwieldy for long periods of time.

Leave that to giraffes. Those fellows get serious.