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The Teen–The Young Adult Fiction section has gained a lot of popularity within the last decade. A huge amount of these books were optioned and adapted into feature films and streaming service adaptations. Good for them all. It’s nice to see people who wouldn’t normally be into reading books coming into The Bookstore and picking up the beginning of a series.
Bringing in huge amounts of these titles is as to be expected too. The sales figures probably back it up quite a bit.
What completely frustrates me is the fact that the displays selected to present these titles are far from accommodating. An endcap, the wall of the bookshelf basically, can only hang a scant few titles on it without either seriously impeding customer traffic, or completely breaking the flimsy plastic shelves that hold those books.
My thinking is someone in home office is more than likely completely ignorant of the size and space of an endcap display and thinks that all we have for presenting merchandise on the sales floor are tables that can easily hold 30 copies of each new Young Adult novel.
We can hold two or maybe three books on an endcap shelf, not ten times that amount, nor can we realistically hold the 50 different titles you’ve set to display on that endcap either. There’s a reason that in the Bookstores I’ve worked at people throw out the display plans for what home office wants us to use for the merchandise. It’s physically impossible to do it.
From what I can tell, those responsible for setting up these promotions are so far up their own rectum that the simple concept of three dimensional space is an absolute foreign idea. So extremely alien to them that they choose to ignore it and try to force us to do what they believe is correct no matter how much we try to explain otherwise.
Home office needs a huge reality check when it comes to this crap.