So every once in a while my nose decides that it's SUPER sensitive to dust in the store and hemorrhages blood. That's what happened this past Friday when I walked into work to start my shift. Ten minutes later the blood stopped flowing out of my nose, most likely because I ran out of blood. There was a lot of it. A lot. I think I just finally recovered from that episode.

You may notice something kind of different with the art today. I drew this comic with Photoshop. Suffice it to say, I admire those out there who can draw beautiful pictures with that program and I may need to do more than a few comic panels to fully get a feel for using it as a medium, but I HATE Photoshop. I don't like how flat it is, I don't like the super straight lines it produces, I hate how I had to wrestle with the program to get even the slightest amount of bounce and life to the artwork.

I'll still use it because it'll be something useful for fixing mistakes and such, but the amount of after-work I had to do to make this strip barely passable, it's going to be a while for me to trust this program and draw anything exclusively with it again.

I like the look of my inks, I like how my pens do exactly what I want them to when I put felt-tip to paper, and I like being able to make my line-work do what I want it to without having my skin stick to the Wacom tablet or ctrl-z for the umpteenth time because the super sensitive stylus did what it wanted to do rather than what I intended. --Mike

Also: For anyone who's interested, I have some t-shirts that maybe sort of could be sold to people who are in the business of wearing awesome clothes.

Also also: Anyone who has one of my t shirts, I'm just wondering how interested you would be in sharing photos of you wearing said t shirt? See, a reader gave me an idea on facebook to showcase those who own a shirt and send in a funny pic of you doing something with it. I could hold a contest and let people vote on which one the like the best. The winner would get a signed and personalized comic strip from me. Personalized, as in, I put you into one of your favorite comic strips from my archive. I redraw it and have the winner in the strip instead of Mike. Please feel free to let me know what you think and if you have any other ideas!

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